I want to write a song about you, my love. I want to scream out your name on the rooftops so everyone will know. I want you to shed a tear about how deeply I feel about you. Nothing feels better than breathing heavily in your arms, feeling your muscle definition and body heat. When you touch my heart, the beating rhythm isn’t the only thing you feel. Coinciding with my pumps of crimson blood is the positive drawn out vibrations of my soul, that is continuously longing for you more and more. You are the energy I need to feed off of to continue on with my life. You are the beam of light that pinpoints through the seas of darkness.
When I delve into the beam, colors bounce around like atoms in the galaxy and glittery prisms form. My admiration for you is like the universe..expanding at a rapid pace. I also imagine my hair is being blown back and cool running water is at my feet, as if it was ecstasy. When you are around me, my surroundings glisten and I get this childlike dizzyness. My 5 senses suddenly become enhanced. Everything seems shimmery and lively. You have healed my blind eyes. You have planted a seed of whimsy and freedom within my being. We are eternal. We are limitless.



Magical Paths Begging To Be Walked

Roads and paths pervade our literature, poetry, artwork, linguistic expressions and music. Even photographers can’t keep their eyes (and lenses) off of a beautiful road or path, which is why we collected this list of 28 amazing photos of paths.

Paths like these have a powerful grip on the human imagination – they can bring adventure, promise and change or solitude, peace and calm. There’s nothing like a walk down a beautiful path to clear your head – or to fill it with ideas!

I’ll leave you with an excellent quote from J. R. R. Tolkien’s works while you enjoy these images; “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.

  1. Autumn In The White Carpathians
  2. Rhododendron Laden Path, Mount Rogers, Virginia, USA
  3. Spring In Hallerbos Forest, Belgium
  4. Autumn Path In Kyoto, Japan 
  5. Autumn Path
  6. Bamboo Path In Kyoto, Japan
  7. Hitachi Seaside Park Path In Japan
  8. Dark Hedges In Ireland
  9. Winter Forest Path, Czech Republic
  10. Path Under Blooming Trees In Spring